Carbon Fiber Removable License Plate Bracket For C6 ZR1 with 3D ZR1 EmblemZoom

Carbon Fiber Removable License Plate Bracket For C6 ZR1 with 3D ZR1 Emblem

Item# CFR9010
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New for 2019

Enhance the look of your 2005-2013 6th Generation ZR1 with a beautiful carbon fiber removable license plate bracket. This license plate bracket is designed to be easily removed for show, track events and vehicle cleaning. The 6th Generation ZR1 removable license bracket system is finished with a UV clear coat carbon fiber finish. This new removable license plate bracket is constructed of 5 layers 3K, 2x2 Twill AeroSpace 640 Ksi carbon fiber. A 3D ZR1 Emblem is affixed to the center of the bracket.

This 2x2 twill weave fabric offers the most desirable cosmetic appearance on modern composite parts. This pattern is the same type used to manufacture the ZR1's front spoiler, side skirts and roof. This product is super light and super strong and has a UV protective coating for long service life.

This carbon fiber bracket attaches using existing GM mounting hardware and there is no drilling or adhesive tape application that can destroy your vehicles paint finish. This product come with soft foam pads that will not damage your vehicles expensive paint finish. This product also includes security type fasteners for hwy use and to prevent theft.


No drilling or mounting double sided tape to your paint finish.

No metal tracking to install under the car.

No need to worry about burned out electric motors.

No need to remove road debris or rocks form tracks for proper function.

No need to worry about additional weight of heavy brackets.

No need to crawl under the car to reach release hardware to remove bracket.

No metal tracks to scrape on the ground.


Also included is a high weight black velvet storage bag to protect your carbon fiber bracket when it is not in use. This 16 inch by 11 inch bag is made from high quality black velvet, draw string and spring loaded stopper. The bag is designed to hold the carbon fiber license plate bracket with the license plate installed. It will also accommodate an optional carbon fiber license plate frame (optional) as seen in the pictures.


Remove and install license plate bracket in 1 easy step Install security hardware for freeway driving or to prevent theft


This kit will fit 6th generation 2005-2013 ZR1, Z06 and Grand Sport Corvettes only. It will not fit 6th generation base Corvettes.


The 6th Generation ZR1, Z06 and Grand Sport removable license plate bracket is compatible with our Euro Front Grille Kit Series.

6th generation base model Corvette removable license plate bracket also available.
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